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Cigar Cabinets and the Avallo Accumonitor Humidification System
Avallo Humidors
1658 Taylor Town Rd.
White Bluff, TN 37187
  These fans initially run along with the fans in the humidity canisters.  Once you cabinet has reached the proper humidity level, the humidity canisters shut off.  However, the extra circulation fans run for an additional minute. This allows for the humidity in the cabinet to even off. This feature is something that the competition has not thought of. They might call it "not needed", but its a feature they can not provide.

Every Avallo Accumonitor comes with 2 extra circulation fans (2 more can be ordered for larger cabinets)
Every Avallo Cabinet is built with proper airflow in mind.  Avallo even cut air channels into the shelves so humidity can reach the top of the cabinet.

Sometimes, our customers will jam their cabinets so full of boxes that it impedes airflow.  This is one reason for using the extra circulation fans.  The 2 fans running for that extra minute helps ensure that there are no "wet spots" in the cabinet. Mold is a bad word, and Avallo has done everything it can to help prevent that problem. Remember, 2 fans are better than 1

2 Extra Circulation Fans
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