A 5" x 6" clear kitchen cannister, and  1 Boveda is all you need for a simple, accurate at home recalibration kit.

In the photo on right, I am using an Extech hygrometer to check the accuracy of the Humidipaks. The extech comes with its own professional recalibration kit. I have had the Extech tested in a certified humidity chamber. The results came back that it was 99.9% accurate.

As you can see in the photo on the right, the Extech is reading 69.5. Thats within a half % of the 69% Humidipak. Excellent results

At home recalibration is another important feature of the Avallo Accumonitor. The truth is that ALL hygrometers can and will drift after some time. sometimes, it can just drift 1 or 2 points, something you and your cigars probably wont notice.

However, if it drifts more than a couple of points, your cigars can be in trouble. If your humidity control system can not be recalibrated, you will be stuck with an inaccurate system. 

Avallo solved this problem by enabling their customers to do an at home recalibration. Using the scientifically proven and accurate"BOVEDA", and a clear kitchen cannister, you can check the accuracy of your Avallo Accumonitor.  If it is off by a few points, simply turn the adjustment screw that is located on the humidity sensor box. Once again, Avallo provides its customers with features that the competition has not thought of.
Humidipak claims the 69% Humidipak is accurate within 1  point. Our repeated testing has proven the Humidipak performs as advertised.  For several years, knowledgable cigar smokers have used the Humidipak to calibrate their hygrometers.

The Fuente/Newman cigar company, and now Torano cigars are using the Humidipak to keep their cigars at 69% during shipping. If Fuente and Torano trust Humidipak with the care of its cigars, so can you.
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