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Avallo has made calibration of its Accumonitor much easier. Follow our calibration instructions . Then push in the up (1) and down (2)  humidity control buttons at the same time. The Accumonitor will go into the recalibration mode. The display will go blank. The temperature readout display will now say "RE" (recalibration mode). If your Accumonitor needed to be adjusted 2 points up, just push the "up" button twice until it adds on 2 points. If it needed to be adjusted 1 point down, push the "down" button once so it deducts 1 point. The amount you adjusted the Accumonitor will be shown on the screen, so its very simple to make the adjustments.

Once you are finished with the calibration, the display will show your original reading first, then go to your corrected, calibrated reading.

Using Avallos new easy recalibration feature, along with Humidipaks Boveda system, you will be insured that your Accumonitor is accurate. Once again, Avallo offers a new feature that will improve the performance of your cigar cabinet.

This new feature will be standard on all Accumonitors shipped after January 15, 2006.

One last note,  we have tried not to forget our old customers. We designed the new recalibration feature so that it could be added to our older controls.  There will be a $75 charge to retrofit older controls with the new feature. Please call for more info.

Easier Pushbutton Calibration


Avallo now offers an optional circulation fan timer on its Accumonitors. The circulation fans will run for approx. 1 minute every hour. This new option will help further insure even humidity throughout your cigar cabinet.

There will be a $50 charge to add this feature into Accumonitors purchased seperately, or to add this feature into our cigar cabinet/Accumonitor packages.

To our old customers, this feature can be added to your old Accumonitors for a $75 fee. The recalibration feature will be added in at no extra charge.

Circulation Fan Timer

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